Our comprehensive review of company records, newspapers, property-related materials, oral histories, interviews, and personal papers allows us to create your company’s narrative history and celebrate its achievements for all to see.


Why Create a Company History?

Knowing your company’s history, downfalls, and achievements over time can be an invaluable asset for marketing campaigns. Studies have repeatedly shown that consumers are more likely to trust companies who have been established for a long period of time and who can list historical achievements.

An established and celebrated company history can also help to attract top talent and form new partnerships.


We research and write company histories documenting topics such as:

  • dates and locations of operations

  • patents and manufacturing processes

  • relationships with government regulators

  • contributions to war and industrial mobilization efforts

  • corporate succession to track changes in names and owners, or mergers and acquisitions

  • historical connections to slavery to satisfy city ordinance requirements

  • institutional success stories and challenges

For company anniversaries or other times of reflection, Houselore can help you research, compile, and publish your company’s narrative history. We also have extensive experience writing narrative institutional histories that provide long-term context for future direction and marketing efforts.

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