Benton Park Suite


Welcome to Beautiful Historical Benton Park. Our three story brick house was built in 1890 by the mason of Lemp Brewery (preceding Anheuser Bush Brewery). This 2nd floor studio apartment was originally the maids quarters giving her access to the 1st floor kitchen via stairs in the basement and up a second stairway to a back entry so as not to disturb the family. This simple two room studio has its own entry from the rear of the house, kitchen, gas stove, refrigerator, microwave & private bath.


It’s not totally clear who might be haunting this suite, or how that haunting might manifest. The house was built by the mason of Lemp Brewery, which adds an extra dose of freakiness.

Nearby is the Lemp Mansion, which was once home to the powerful — and possibly cursed — family behind the Lemp Brewery. Nearly every one of the Lemp family members — patriarch William Sr. and children Frederick, William Jr., Elsa, and Charles — died unexpectedly young, by their own hand, or both. Only the youngest Lemp child, Edwin, survived; he lived until the age of 90s. He left instructions for his art collection and family heirlooms to be destroyed after his death.