Castello Dal Pozzo


A place where it is possible to escape from the habitual, where time stands still and emotions are given free reign. A place where it is possible to rediscover the pleasure of small gestures. A place where positive and happy thoughts can be created, celebrated and shared. This is your natural hideaway... This is the essence of Castello Dal Pozzo.

The space

Immerse yourself in the Castello’s fascinating atmosphere steeped in the age of the Neo Gothic Revival. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding park overlooking Lake Maggiore which offers a truly unique panorama of the entire area.


A young woman named Barbara fell in love with an army captain named Matteo in 1467 — but before the lovers could elope, Barbara’s father found out about their affair and locked her in the Castle Tower. Matteo, meanwhile, was exiled to France — but Barbara didn’t know he’d been sent away. She died in the tower waiting for him to return. Visitors to Castello Dal Pozzo say that they’ve seen Barbara’s looking out from a tower window, still waiting for Matteo to come back.