Jerome Grand Hotel


This former hospital was built on this location due to the known stability of the ground. The building plans are dated February 1926, and this 30,000 sq. ft. poured in place concrete building was opened in January 1927. It featured patient call lights, balconies, sun porches, emergency backup lighting, Otis self service elevator, ice making room in Arizona, laboratories, X-ray, major and minor surgical facilities, men’s, women’s and children’s wards, private and semi-private rooms, blanket warming closets and housing for some staff. In 1930, it was considered the most modern hospital in Arizona and possibly the Western States. William Clark used this as just another marketing tool to attract the best employees. Good housing, great schools and the top medical care available. The building opened as a hotel in July 1996.


There are a wealth of creepy stories. Some caretakers have gotten calls from rooms and hear inaudible mumbling and check the rooms only to find them empty. Historically, there has been a caretaker who took his own life in the boiler room. There is also a story of a maintenance man who was crushed by the elevator and found later in the basement.

There are sightings such as seeing a little kid running around on the 3rd floor. Electronics get mysteriously unplugged. There is even a spirit cat that roams around, and guests sometimes feel it rub against their legs..

Former guests claim that Room 35 is the most haunted in the place. One anecdote from a former guest:

“My husband and I were staying in Sedona and decided to spend the night at Jerome Hotel. We asked to stay in room 35. The hotel is very clean and the rooms are small but nice. Room 35 is where the little boy is at. Well our experience started around 9pm and never stopped. Streams of light through the night in room. We backed up to the rock cliff and the drapes were closed. My husband was awaken by something tapping him very hard in the arm. Got a answer to the question when we asked Daniel how old he was. Someone said 8. We had a great time and got a lot on pictures and evidence. This is a must see if you are a paranormal person.”