Manor Master Chamber


The Master Bedroom is spacious and yet cozy. It has tall ceilings and lots of windows that let in copious amounts of sunlight. It is directly attached to the master bath for convenience and the room has in suite laundry, and a closet. There is a queen sized bed with a very comfortable mattress and an airbed and extra linens for an additional 2 people.

We also book for day time events like photo/video shoots, paranormal investigations, ceremonies, rituals, pajama parties and murder mystery dinners, etc. There may be an additional cost and security deposit depending on the circumstances.


When owner Sean Doyle spoke to Reader’s Digest about the 130-year-old, castle-like home in 2017, he revealed a fascinating story. Apparently, Doyle found an old barrette on the ground while he was looking at the house about a decade ago, picked it up, and immediately had a vision of a girl in a white dress pop into his mind. When descendants of the family who had built the house, which dates back to 1883, got in touch with Doyle about a year later, he asked if any little girls had ever died in the house — and it turns out that there was: In 1908, Rosalia Fihn had caught typhoid fever and died. Doyle even identified her in a photograph based on the vision he’d had.