Traverse City Asylum


Modern living in the historic State Hospital. 3rd floor condo with direct access to south facing balcony. Enjoy local wine while watching the sunset!20’ ceiling with lots of natural light. Enjoy the rich character of original brick and views of the commons. Traverse Citie’s finest dining and great shopping on the garden level.


This apartment is inside a former mental asylum turned tuberculosis sanitarium.

The hospital, also known as Northern Michigan Asylum and the Traverse City State Hospital, opened in 1885. It was run by Dr. James Decker Munson, and housed as many as 3,000 patients in its several buildings. While it was originally established to care for mentally ill patients, its use expanded during outbreaks of polio, influenza and tuberculosis. The mental institution closed in 1989.

Some visitors have also reported seeing ghosts, feeling unseen forces and experiencing drastic changes in air and energy. Bodiless voices from abandoned areas, unexplained lights and footsteps are commonly reported as well. Another creepy story concerns a priest of the asylum's chapel who allegedly hanged himself there. Some say the priest was driven to suicide by dark spirits.

Reporters covering stories on the grounds have heard unexplained voices on their tapes. Construction workers have seen figures on the grounds - some of them even refusing to return to work.