Half Ghost

Has anyone experienced "half ghosts"?

A couple days ago I left my 2 sons at home as I ran down the street to buy a table from someone. When I got home my youngest one opened the entryway door as I moved the table into the living room to show them.

My oldest came running into the dining room from the back of the house, opened the french doors and said, "I just saw someone go into your bedroom. I thought it was you at first but I took my headphones off and heard you and (retracted) talking in here."

I told him I had just got home with the table and (retracted) was helping me move it in, I hadn’t even gone back to that part of the house yet.

From where he was sitting he had a straight view of the area. He said it was only visible from the waist down and it looked like a woman wearing shorts, he said he didn’t remember the color of the shorts specifically but he remembers seeing the color pink and that it walked across the hall from the dining room doorway into my bedroom, a good 7 feet, and that it seemed like it was in a hurry.

We’ve been here just over 2 years. The activity in our house seems to come in spurts. Most everything we’ve seen is in the back part of the house, are shadows/dark figures (but not threatening at all), and have always been masculine.

Anyone experienced similar "half ghosts", have an idea what they are (more of an intelligent haunt or residual)?

Sarah F. - Georgia

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