Murmurs in the Attic

We’ve heard this sound twice (or that we noticed) since moving in October 2018. Our house was built in 1801 and served as a hospital during the civil war. 

Our attic is a walk-in. I actually have my office and craft room in there. It sounds like someone with heels is walking across the floor. The first time my husband and I heard it, we thought someone was chopping wood. 
It lasts 2-4 minutes and then is gone. I'd wished I had grabbed my camera phone when it started. 

It’s odd because the first 2 months here, we'd smell strange things a match had been lit or a very floral smell. They last a couple of minutes and then are gone. Now this past month, we’re hearing sounds that can’t be identified. Our attic is sealed with a new roof. The sounds stop when we walk towards the attic door.

See the original video here.

Jodi H.

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