Sustainability in Historic Properties

There are many small steps that you can take to make an historic building more sustainable, with higher energy efficiency and lower impacts on the enivronment. Sustainability seeks to minimize negative impacts to the environment. Historic buildings were constructed with longevity in mind, and were designed in response to their setting. This means that many were originally designed with energy efficiency in mind.

At Houselore, we can help you determine the best plan of action to make your historic building green and sustainable according to modern standards. We’ll also navigate local, state, and federal historic preservation guidelines in order for you to have the best of both worlds - historic preservation and sustainability.


Sustainability Evaluation Service

We recommend that you complete an energy audit of your historic property before engaging our services, so that you are aware of the energy efficiency weaknesses in your historic property.

After the audit is completed, our team will combine our thorough knowledge of historic preservation best practices and green technology solutions to find the best sustainability solutions for your historic property.


Need a sustainability evaluation at your historic property?