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Preserving the Past for a Better Future

historical research services and walking tours


Our Services


Historic Property Research


Our team provides historic property research for homeowners, architects, investors, and businesses. Information provided includes owner biographies and contextual history + copies of original maps, surveys, photos, documents, and more.


Corporate History


Our comprehensive review of company records, newspapers, property-related materials, oral histories, interviews, and personal papers allows us to create your company’s narrative history and celebrate its achievements for all to see.


Historical Research for Tours

We conduct thorough historical research on notable places and people in your chosen area so that you can provide an educational and unforgettable experience to your customers.

Historical Research for TV, Film, & Authors

With a focus on historical accuracy in cultural practices, costume, and architecture, we can ensure that your story is told with accuracy as well as creativity.


Houselore Walking Tours

Explore historic cities with our expert guides and professional historians.


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