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A Tale of Two Continents

Houselore was established c.2017 in Charleston, South Carolina. The city was experiencing a development boom, and historic structures were at risk of damage or demolition. Houselore advised architects, homeowners, developers, and councils regarding the historical significance and architectural preservation needs of commercial and residential buildings inherent to the cultural fabric of the city.

Antique items such as chandeliers, doors, furniture, and artwork were frequently discarded or sold during renovation activities. This led Houselore down the path of developing a thriving art and antiques trade alongside its historic preservation projects.

In 2020, Houselore was relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland where it remains headquartered today. The company has become Europe's first curated site dedicated exclusively to promoting historic properties on the market and advising on sustainable income generation opportunities.

"We help people generate a profit in the present to ensure historic preservation and sustainability for the future."

In a time when bland beige boxes and mass-produced items are the order of the day, Houselore champions the historic places and objects that feed our souls and preserve our histories. We maintain sustainable business practices and help our clients to do the same through our investment strategies tailored specifically for historic properties and antiques.

Alexandra Jones, Founder & CEO

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Alexandra Jones

Founder & CEO

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